VIRTUALeyes is a small business, but we want the same business tools the big boys have.  Office365 is one of those tools.


It lets you host your exchange server with microsoft directly.  Pay a monthly fee and all your server hardware, software, maintenance and headaches are taken over by an overseas microsoft server farm. We are talking about both your exchange server and your sharepoint server.  To a user this means everything you use outlook for, email, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc is synced back to you from the cloud.  Every device you use, be it a PC, laptop, tablet, phone or even a web browser are always up to date with your latest information.  Should you lose your phone you can remote wipe all the data.


As a small business it is hard to tell you how invaluable it is to have all your email just plain sorted.  We have been using Office365 for over a year now and have just updated to the new service that includes full copies of all the office suite. Adding new uses, swapping licences, rerouting email is a breeze. The only “got ya” is you really have to pick the correct plan to begin with, as we found out swapping mid way through is a bugger.


Take it to the next stage and you have full intranet services – ability to set up private project pages with the company. Your own private and shared drive on the internet for saving and sharing files.  Full video meetings and even host your own public web site.


As you can tell we love this service and want as may small businesses to find out about it. For as little as $5 a month you really can’t go wrong.