judge a book by it’s cover

Book cover artwork can make or break a reading experience.

The cover is the invitation to read, setting the scene. It gives you an insight to what is in the book, the mood, the tone. It needs to make you want to open it and start reading. They are the movie trailers of the written word.

These two covers were form two consecutive years and needed to show a continuum. Each cover also set the design language for the event they were created for. Strangely in this case the cover came before the text. They set up the theme for what was inside them and what was shown during the event they were created for. In this instance the fern and Tui motif carried on to the stage and televised part of the event.

The book cover below with the ferns was a photo composite created in Photoshop with over 100 different objects, that layered over themselves to create this illusion.