playing with wooden blocks

BK woodblocks flamegrilled

I got to play with wooden blocks. Well let’s put that another way, I got to make my own letterpress blocks in photoshop from scratch.

From a customer thumbnail to finished wall mural in 3 hours. The first 1200mm print is already on the wall at BK Albany.  All that was needed for this project was a couple of average photos of wood grain.  The letters were assembled in Illustrator and each separate block was created with standard layer styles in photoshop. The only hand work was adding the scratches for a little bit of added texture.

I love this type of work, graphics that punch from a distance and up close give you even more delight. A very simple graphic that punches above it’s weight.

(Just don’t tell anyone that for real letterpress blocks they would be in reverse so that the printed letters were the correct way around  – shhh)

BK woodblocks flamegrilled-5

BK woodblocks flamegrilled-B