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webbook-0Time to change an old habit, program books.  Those things you get at events and plays that explain to you what’s up next, who is on stage and all the little bits of background material you really needed to understand.  Problem is they are hard to read in the dark, and either too big to put in your pocket or too small to use.

For the Māori Sports Awards I created a smartphone version.  Something that would work on any smartphone and any size without having to download a specific app just for that type of phone. Now you can enlarge the text, use a backlit screen, increase contrast, and even text to speech.  Getting away from old fashioned print allowed full multi-media, video / slide shows / links to more information and photos.

To create this I recrafted the simple webpage into something quite different.  Based on a book with navigation that allowed you to flick through pages both forward and back to same pace and order of the show.  being web based allowed integration of live twitter feeds and facebook.  It gave me a chance to get direct feedback of how it was going and full statistics of what page the audience was on.

Traditional print is slowly moving into digital media and it’s already fun.

>>View on your phone

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